Crazy Ivan


Build by Lau Nørgaard and Erik Hougaard
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An independent robot that can navigate in a predefined environment.

Winner of the danish DTU RoboCup 2000.

Winner of the danish DTU RoboCup 2001.

Winner of the danish Aalborg RoboCup 2002.

7.Place in the danish DTU RoboCup 2002.


1 Motorola Coldfire 5206e processor (MCF5206eLITE Eval. Board) 54 Mhz
3 PIC 16C84 (or 16F84) processors 10Mhz
2 Screwdriver motors and gears
1 2.1Ah batteri
4 Sharp GP2D02 Distance sensors
1 Line Detector (Based on IR)

Communication between the 4 processors is done in a hub structure from the Coldfire.


The PIC's are each running one task. Motor, Distance and Line Sensor. All PIC behaviour is written i C.

UTIL.C Common source for all PIC's
PWM.C Pulse width modulation
SHARP.C Sharp GP2D02 handling
TRUNK.C Line Sensor handling

The Coldfire is running a special version of Lua. This version of Lua has been changed to run from flash and has no use of floating point calculations. Functions to communicate with hardware has been added and a special console mode so communication with a host can be done thru a terminal emulator.

The following Lua sources has been used in the RoboCup 2000 participation.

robot.r Basic robot functions
follow.r Line following functions
back.r Functions for doing reverse driving
sort.r Functions to detect and follow the black line
big.r The storyboard for running RoboCup 2000.

Pictures of 2000 version

Crazy waiting on a table for its turn at the course.

The two happy winners posing for the nerd press :-)

More 2000 pictures at the picture page.


Danish Newspaper "Ingeniøren" that has RealVideo of Ivan's Run