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andre.zacepin asked 2 months ago

Hello Erik,
I have a problem and I can no longer open sales orders for a customer because the error message below pops up before the card opens. The error is in the second "/" between "DecorLine Werbetechnik (14155)" and "24-202840". The sharepoint structure is as follows: Debtor (Debit No.)/Quote No.(if exists) or Order No.
Nothing has been changed in the sharepoint setup for months and it works for the other customers.
You can find the BC error message here:
If requesting support, please provide the following details to help troubleshooting:
Error message:
Create folder failed, error from SharePoint: (null) "sites/BCDOCTEST/Freigegebene Dokumente/Debitoren/DecorLine Werbetechnik (14155)//24-202812" nicht gefunden.
Page Sales Order has to close.
Time stamp on error:
AL call stack:
"SharePoint EFQ"(CodeUnit 70319500).CreateFolder line 109 - SharePoint Connector by
"SharePoint EFQ"(CodeUnit 70319500).GetFolderForRecord line 67 - SharePoint Connector by
"SharePoint Factbox EFQ"(Page 70319502).PrepareFill line 52 - SharePoint Connector by
"SharePoint Sales Order EFQ"(PageExtension 70319479).OnAfterGetCurrRecord(Trigger) line 14 - SharePoint Connector by

andre.zacepin replied 2 months ago

Hey Erik,
now we have another customer with the same error message when opening a sales order. I am attaching screenshots of the table mapping and the alternative folders for the sales header.

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andre.zacepin answered 2 months ago
Here are the screenshots.
Samuel Baker answered 2 months ago
We are having the exact same issue  
Heather Nichols answered 1 month ago
Was there any acknowledgement or resolution to this? I have the same issue. I can resolve it by creating the folders manually, but that's quite the pain.
Samuel Baker answered 1 month ago
Same here. Erik can we please get an acknowledgment of this issue?
andre.zacepin answered 1 month ago
Hey guys,
the solution for me was the following: I set the mapping method of the customer to dynamic instead of static. There must have been a bug.
I had a look at it together with Erik. It could be that with the latest version ( of the Sharepoint extension this bug no longer exists.

I hope it works for you too :)
Have a nice weekend. Best regards,
Heather Nichols replied 1 month ago

Thank you! I’ve made the change for all my mappings to dynamic, we’ll see what happens. I also emailed Erik directly, so I’ll reply and let him know I did that as well.