SupportCategory: Simple Object DesignerIssue with SOD API using Power Automate Create Record (V3)
Richard Brooks asked 8 months ago
Hi, I\'m using the Power Automate V3 connectors which let me call the SOD Custom APIs. I am trying to Create a Record. the Table is 7002 Sales Price where I have created an API in SOD and included all fields required to create the record I should have enough info to create the record but I get the error: ErrorCode: Internal_InvalidTableRelation The field Sales Code of table Sales Price contains a value (A-TRADE) that cannot be found in the related table (Customer). CorrelationId: a3549ea4-920b-48c9-84f7-9d94db4371b2.clientRequestId: 573904ec-169e-4611-ac8c-18ebc4a8c90a   So first of all A-TRADE does exist but in related table \'Customer Price Group\' not \'Customer\'. but I have set  the Field \'Sales Type\' to \'Customer Price Group\' as you see in the screen shots. I\'ve screen shot the Connector input after RUN from Power Automate and the connector itself: obviously this is just a test on a backup company with hard coded values    Any help would be appreciated although I understand you cant support Power Automate but It seems it could be an API issue not recognising the correct table relationship. Please let me know if you need more info.
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hougaard Staff answered 8 months ago
Yeah, that should work, I cannot fault anything with what you're doing.  You can try putting in "1" as the salestype to see if that changes anything?