SupportCategory: Simple Object DesignerWhat kind of expressions can I use in the Expression Editor?
Noralf Gamlem asked 7 months ago
Hi again, I've used the calculated field feature and find it very useful but what is actually the limitation for the Expression Editor? :) I see from the Cheat Sheet that for text we apparently can use < > operators: "A blank text, good for the <> operator (must be different from blank)" But how? An example is that I would like to check the content in a field and if it is "XXX", then I want to set my calculated field to "YYY". Is that possible or am I stretching it too far? :-) Something similar to this: if Header."Ship-to Code" <> 'XXX then 'YYY' 
2 Answers
hougaard Staff answered 7 months ago
That is currently not possible, because an "if then" statement doesn't return a value .. to be technically, it's a "statement", not an "expression". The "then YYY" is not valid in this context.   Sorry!
Noralf Gamlem replied 7 months ago

Ok. 🙂

Sébastien MARIOT answered 6 days ago
Hi Erik, Also, is it possible to manipulate strings in expressions? I mean using functions like "Left", "Right" or "Length", for example.