New variable types in NAV2016

Even though we are getting used to the DotNet variable type, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 has several new types available.

This is what NAV2015 supported:

And now, in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016:

DefaultLayout – That goes together with the REPORT.DEFAULTLAYOUT function. A variable of type “DefaultLayout” can hold the different types of reports (Word, RDLC etc.)

FilterPageBuilder – Used by the new dynamics request pages. This rabbit hole looks quite interesting.

ObjectType – Being used as a parameter to the GETURL function.

ReportFormat – Being used as a parameter to the REPORT.SAVEAS function.

TableConnectionType – Being used with the REGISTERTABLECONNECTION and UNREGISTERTABLECONNECTION methods. Options can be CRM or ExternalSQL

TextEncoding – This one is really nice. CREATEINSTREAM and CREATEOUTSTREAM can now take an extra parameter for encoding. So now there is no more need for StreamReader and StreamWriter constructs with System.Text.Encoding help. Now this is done by NAV.

All of these are just Option fields (not the FilerPageBuilder) with a fixed OptionString – Not really necessary and does not, standalone, bring any new functionality to NAV. But each of them are related to new features or functionality and that is always interesting. I’m getting back to the FilterPageBuilder later.

I’m still missing “BlobRef” as a variable type, or if I cannot get that – just give me CREATEINSTREAM and CREATEOUTSTREAM on FieldRef, please Microsoft, that would even clean up a lot of your code with all the TempBlob you got going.