About us

Founder Erik Hougaard

We specialize in Apps

We are passionate about developing Apps and Tools that help you increase your ERP’s agility, breadth, scale and growth potential without the cost and hassle of custom development. At Hougaard.com we specialize in developing Microsoft Dynamics apps that genuinely empower you to take full advantage of your Dynamics 365 Business Central investment, extending the life and increasing the value of your Dynamics 365 Business Central solution.

Deep experience

Founder Erik Hougaard has been part of the Microsoft Dynamics community since 1990, and he has worked with every version and visited all corners of the system. He worked with NAV for Denmark's biggest companies and numerous industries before he moved to Canada in 2014. Now, he shares his time between Hougaard.com and EFOQUS where he is a Managing Partner.

Microsoft MVP

Erik is an active community contributor passionate about sharing his deep technical knowledge, and he has been awarded an Microsoft MVP Award for his Dynamics NAV contributions every year since 2014.

Community builder

Erik is a sought-after speaker at conferences and has been blogging about the Dynamics since 2013. In 2020 he added a YouTube channel publishing weekly videos with hacks and insights for Microsoft 365 Business Central programming. The channel is now the most-watched Business Central development channel with over 8400 subscribers, providing weekly videos on everything BC development.

Our Story

August 2019
Publishes a companion book for end-users

Erik writes Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Field Guide to help end-users understand the system and ensure they have a great experience starting with Business Central.

May 2020
Starts YouTube Channel

With Covid-19 stopping all conferences and community events, Erik turned to YouTube to help educate developers around the world on how to get the most out of AL and Business Central development.

November 2020
Launches BCCL

Moving to the cloud meant moving away from all the data management tools that existed for on-premises. With BCCL - Business Central Command Line, Erik created the tool he needed to import and export large amounts of data with new cloud customers, functioning as a bridge between on-premises and the cloud.

March 2021
Launches Simple Object Designer

The Simple Object Designer started with a question, what if an AL extension could write a new AL extension. From that idea sprung the Simple Object Designer, an app writing all the code so end-users don't have to become developers to customize Business Central

March 2022
Launches ToolBox

It started a personal challenge to write an AL compiler and interpreter only in AL during the Covid-19 lockdown. After completing the challenge, Erik used this new technology to create a way to handle support tasks faster and easier - his ToolBox.

October 2023
1 million views on YouTube

The channel is now the most-watched Business Central development channel with over 8400 subscribers, providing weekly videos on everything BC development.

November 2023
Expanding with more apps

Announced the consolidation of apps previously sold through Hougaard.com and EFOQUS. This strategic realignment brings together all apps under the Hougaard.com brand, optimizing the customer experience and focusing on the continuous improvement of its products. Read Press Release here

November 2023

The SharePoint Connector is the premium way of connecting your Business Central data to SharePoint and enjoying the best of both systems.

November 2023

Advanced Cloud Security enables field and data level security on all Business Central data to ensure that you have control of your data in the cloud.

November 2023

With The Cloud Replicator, you can build a data warehouse in the cloud and make your data available for modern reporting with Power BI.