SupportCategory: Simple Object Designeradding an existing field to the Work Order Report – in Sales Orders screen
Wilson asked 3 months ago
Hello, When generating the "Work Order" report in the Sales Order screen I want to be able to add the Ship to Addresses and the External Document # to that report. I am a novice BC user, and having difficulties following the videos to get this done. Any help is appreciated
1 Answers
hougaard Staff answered 2 months ago
  1. Use the "Place existing fields to pages and reports" to add the fields to report 752
  2. Publish your app
  3. Go to Custom Report Layouts and create a new custom report layout for report 752
  4. Remember to the the "Update Layout" function
  5. Export the layout
  6. Edit the layout (add the new fields to page)
  7. Import the layout
  8. Test the report
  9. (repeat 6-8 until you're happy)