SupportCategory: Simple Object DesignerCalculated field on reports?
Noralf Gamlem asked 2 weeks ago

I've just watched the video about calculated fields (How to add Calculated Fields to Reports in Business Central (, but I do not have the option to select reports in my paid version of Simple Object Designer. :O
How can I get to that one? :)

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hougaard Staff answered 2 weeks ago
You  need to update to the latest version, check this video:
Noralf Gamlem replied 2 weeks ago

Howdy Erik! 🙂

Thanks a lot for extremely quick answer! 🙂

Ah! I was looking for an update menu item or something… 😉

Noralf Gamlem replied 2 weeks ago

And now there is an option in SOD to upgrade, sending us straight to your video 😀 Great!