SupportCategory: Simple Object DesignerCan I update data using APIs from SOD?
Tanmai Sharma asked 2 months ago
Hi, GET requests on data works nicely, but PATCH requests are failing with a message like 'PATCH' requests for 'gen__Journal_Lines' of EdmType 'Collection' are not allowed within Dynamics 365 Business Central OData web services."

is it possible to update records using APIs?
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hougaard Staff answered 2 months ago
PATCH is fully supported, but you cannot PATCH the "set name", you must patch the singular entity. Check this:
Tanmai Sharma answered 2 months ago
Hi Erik .. this is very helpful ... I am able to make the $filter work as a parameter (using Python request) but getting an incorrect syntax error for the following url (when I try and make the filter part of the url
hougaard Staff replied 2 months ago

I believe you need to use the guid from the G/L entry record instead of “entryno_=6256”.