SupportCategory: Simple Object DesignerCreating New Sandbox from PROD. How do I move SOD .app file properly
it asked 3 weeks ago
Good afternoon, I typically do all my DEV in my Sandbox. However, my Sandbox is very out of date data wise and I would like to to copy my PROD environment to a new Sandbox.  What I am wondering is how do I move my SOD License and 'file' to the new Sandbox so I can continue my development there, with more relevant data? Thanks
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it answered 3 weeks ago
Ok I figured this out. It turns out that the SOD in my new Sandbox was not registered. Once I registered it, the Import App button was enabled.  So 'Simple'... The process was pretty straight forward. I made sure all my environments were updated and published the latest version of my extension .app.  I then used the Export App to create a JSON file of my SOD Customizations. I then switched to my new sandbox environment, which was a copy of my PROD environment, and used the Import App to import the JSON file.  Finally, I refreshed the symbols, and it appears I am good to go.   Hope this helps someone else.
hougaard Staff replied 3 weeks ago

Most excellent!

it answered 3 weeks ago
I am assuming that I need to import either the .app or the .json that I was able to export from my old (current development environment) sandbox. However, the menu items are disabled when I open SOD in the new Sandbox. Any suggestions. Thanks.
hougaard Staff replied 3 weeks ago

You have to input your license key. Your SOD license works for all environments on your tenant.