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l.demarigny asked 1 month ago
Hi there!  I've added a new field to capture a supplier serial number alongside the internal serial number that is automatically generated for items on purchase orders.  The value I input into the custom field is not saved on the Tracking Specification table (336). How can I resolve it?  I also want to transfer this value to the Serial No. Information table (6504) when the transaction is posted. I'm not seeing a transfer path for this?  As a work around I'm planning to transfer this value to the Item Ledger Entry table (32)
hougaard Staff replied 1 month ago

What version of SOD are you using?

l.demarigny replied 1 month ago

I was on yesterday. Just updated to and the issue is still occurring.

hougaard Staff replied 1 month ago

Sorry, I should have been more precise, version of Simple Object Designer, not your app. Use the “apps” option in Admin Center to update, see here:

l.demarigny replied 1 month ago

Thanks, it's on the latest version:

The issue is still there on this version.

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hougaard Staff answered 4 weeks ago
I think you're missing a field transfer to Reservation Entry, with that I could get the above to work.
hougaard Staff answered 1 month ago
I have added a couple of field transfers in the next version (
l.demarigny replied 1 month ago

Thank you! Looking forward to testing it

l.demarigny replied 1 month ago

Hi there! I have tested on version:
Thank you for adding the field transfer to Serial Number No. Information from the Tracking Specification. This will be super useful!

I’m still having an issue with the custom field value not saving in the Tracking Specification table.

Here are my steps to repeat the issue:
1. Added a custom field called Supplier_Serial to the Tracking Specification (336) table, Type: Code, Size: 50
2. Published
3. I created a purchase order with item lines added.
4. I selected a purchase order line item and clicked Item Tracking Lines
5. Click Assign Serial No. and OK – (to generate internally used serial numbers)
6. I entered text into the Supplier_Serial field for each internal serial number generated.
7. Closed the window.
8. Reopened Item Tracking Lines for the selected item

Result: The values in the Supplier_Serial field have gone.

l.demarigny replied 1 month ago

Hi Eric, can you assist here?