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vjain asked 2 weeks ago
Package validation failed due to the following error(s): Management/ (299,27) - Error AL0132: 'Record "Sales Shipment Header"' does not contain a definition for 'Package_Tracking_No_' I have removed  customization which I was doing on the package tracking number but getting this error in prod while pushing the newer customisation. I have refreshed the app with latest release  
2 Answers
hougaard Staff answered 2 weeks ago
Please refresh your symbols, and answer yes to clearing the cache. Then try to publish again.
vjain replied 2 weeks ago

did it and again same error.

hougaard Staff answered 2 weeks ago
Looks like there's a field transfer without a destination, do you have a Package_Tracking_No_ field in another table with a field transfer to Sales Shipment Header? (If you do, delete the field transfer).
vjain replied 2 weeks ago

I have checked every customised table and there is no field as package_tracking_no

hougaard Staff replied 2 weeks ago

Zip up the app file and upload it here, then I’ll take a look at it… (remember to mark it “Only me & admin”)