SupportCategory: BCCLDownload to SQL -> bccl stopped working
Thomas Marquardt asked 1 month ago

I try to download BC-Table directly to SQL. This never worked for me so I have to create a JSON using BCCL and afterwards SSIS to upload the Data to SQL.

What did I wrong? I tried to get the reason using the

-v parameter

. I observed that the program stops after logging (Example)

Primary Result Length = 20813 (ws call duration 00:00:00.4911925)

These are the commands

bccl --remember -w "{{tenantid}}/{{Environment}}/WS/{{company}}/Codeunit/bccl" --auth S2S --tenantid {{tenantid}} --clientid {{clientid}} --clientsecret {{clientsecret}} --sqlconnect "Server={{sqlserver}};Database={{database}};persist security info=True;Integrated Security=SSPI;"
bccl -t getdata -s table=36 -o Sales_Header -m mapping\Sales_Header.mapping.json

Windows Server 2019, SQL Server 2005, No errorlog entry visible when using BCCL

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Thomas Marquardt answered 1 month ago
I forgot 
-f sql
It works now
hougaard Staff replied 4 weeks ago