SupportCategory: Simple Object DesignerError on Field Transfer
krhee asked 2 months ago
On the Purchase Header table, I've created two new fields: 1) "ISF_Sent" - Date - No Transfers  2) "ACCT_Code" - Lookup - 1 transfer (Purch. Inv. Header - Activated) The issue is when I post the Purchase Order I get the following error message: The following fields must have the same type: Field: Acct Code <-- ISF Sent Date Table: Purch. Inv. Header <-- Purchase Header Type: Code <-- Date   I am confused because it looks like the ISF Sent Date is trying to be transferred and not the ACCT_Code field I created.
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hougaard Staff answered 2 months ago
That's because, in a few places, Microsoft tries to do automated field transfers based on field numbers alone. Use Personalization on the new fields list to show the Field No. field. Then make sure that the same field is numbered the same across different tables. Then it will work.
krhee replied 1 month ago

This resolved the issue. Thank you.