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nbuckman asked 2 months ago
When we print a Prepayment Invoice the item number of the items listed is not displayed. Instead a GL code which is the same for every item. How can I get the actual item number?  If I could create a calculated lookup field for the report that would do it, but that is not an option at present.  Is it in the pipline?
hougaard Staff replied 2 months ago

What report (number) are you printing for the prepayment invoice?

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nbuckman answered 2 months ago
Thanks for your response Erik, The invoice is a custom one (50192) written by a consultant. I presume this based on 1306. - Neil
hougaard Staff replied 2 months ago

Look at what data items that reports has, and use the "place existing fields" to add the item no (sometimes only known as "No.") from the right table.