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Alan Webster asked 8 months ago
I am close to completing the integration work using the simple object designer which has been excellent.   I am looking to load opening balances for customer/vendors/fixed assets/gl   I have reviewed the Microsoft API and it does not provide the fields necessary, I have exposed table 81 (Gen. Journal Line) within simple object designer and can populate all of the data I need, however there is one field causing me a problem and I do not know how to populate it.       The field is Source Code (29) and I need it to contact GENJNL, this field is read only and I cannot pass the text into the field.  The Microsoft API populates this field correctly and I do not have to pass anything.  Is there a way for me to populate this?
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hougaard Staff answered 8 months ago
Source Code is normally set from the General Journal Template, if you want a specific Source Code you can setup a general journal template and get the code that way around.
Alan Webster replied 8 months ago

I am using the General Journal Template, but the source code is not pulling through when using the API. Works fine with manual entry.