SupportCategory: Simple Object DesignerHow do I apply a new license?
krhee asked 1 month ago
I purchased a license on 1/19/23, and bought a new license today because I did not see how I could renew.  How do I apply this new license to SOD?
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hougaard Staff answered 1 month ago
Go to the Simple Object Designer Setup Page, there you'll find a menu item for entering the license key. We have changed to a subscription billing system since you purchase your first license, so renewal should be a smoother process now. Enjoy!
krhee replied 1 month ago

Can you clarify? Is it the “Buy/Register the Object Designer\” link? When I select that I get a popup window letting me know that my license is valid until tomorrow, but no method of changing it.

krhee replied 1 month ago

I am on version of SOD

hougaard Staff replied 1 month ago

Enjoy today, you can put the new license key in tomorrow 🙂