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Tanmai Sharma asked 2 months ago
Hi, Been using SOD and quite like it. I managed to create new fields in table (using extensions).

Now I am trying to access these tables via APIs but not being able to do so. I have managed to get a OAuth 2.0 token by setting up an App in Azure and giving it access to my Business Central but I am still getting an incorrect credentials message ... 

How to create credentials please? (Apologies if this is somewhere in the documentation, I have tried looking for it but cannot find it)
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hougaard Staff answered 2 months ago
You have added the appid to "Microsoft Entra Application" inside your Business Central?
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Tanmai Sharma answered 2 months ago

Hi Erik,
Thanks for the prompt reply. I had added my appid to Business Central and enabled it ...

I just figured out the issue (by looking at one of your videos). Azure had mentioned to using the URL to generate by OAuth token, but after looking at your video I realized that I needed to replace 'organizations' with my tenant ID .. .

It is working now ... tks :)

hougaard Staff replied 2 months ago