SupportCategory: Simple Object DesignerImport .app file from Dev to Prod
David Fairbanks asked 8 months ago
Hi - as a lay person, I've created a few SOD customizations in our Dev Env.  How to I get those into our Prod Env?
3 Answers
hougaard Staff answered 8 months ago
You need to purchase a license, then when you publish to the sandbox you'll also get an app file downloaded that you can upload to production in Extension Management.
hougaard Staff answered 8 months ago
Not needed, see in your downloads (ctrl J in browser) grab that file and use upload on Extension management in production.
David Fairbanks replied 8 months ago

Perfect…got it. Thanks!

David Fairbanks answered 8 months ago
Thank you.  I have already purchased  license. I've already installed it in our Sandbox.  You're not saying I should purchase another, correct?