SupportCategory: Simple Object DesignerLocation code- field to item and transfer to assembly header
Niko Eskelinen asked 5 months ago
Hi, our customer is currently evaluating Simple Object Designer and would like to have a Location code- field on item card so that the items default location code could be automatically filled to assembly orders header. We currently are able to create this new field on the item card, but when we are trying to map the field transfer to assembly header, the Via field- column remains blank (on all current lines: sales line, purchase line, job planning line and production bom line).   We have tried different types for the field, such as lookup, flowfield and code and have done lookup- and flowfield mappings to location code, but we are still not able to create the field transfer.Is this kind of scenario possible to do with Simple Object Designer or is it prevented because assembly headers Location code- field is a standard field and might thus be proteced? I have understood that Via field- column can\'t either be modified by the user.   Our customer is currently using Business Central 23.0 (Platform 23.0.13698.0 + Application 23.0.12034.12676) and Simple Object Designer v.     Best regards,   Niko Eskelinen
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hougaard Staff answered 5 months ago
Yes, the Simple Object Designer is designed so that you cannot break Business Central (filling out a standard field with a "random" value is a potential breaking data situation). This is a really difficult thing for us to solve because your example is completely valid, but I could take your statement and change the table and field names to something that will completely break business central, and then we're outside "simple" :( I'm constantly thinking about a "not so simple, now here be dragons" mode, but I'm not sure that's a good idea....