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Carsten Hecht asked 6 months ago
Hi, I try to define two conditions related to Page 36 (Assembly BOM).
The triggering action is CalcStandardCost. The idea is to ensure that our users get a stop if the 'Unit of Measure Code' is in 'KG' and the 'Quantity per' exceeds the value 99.
For the moment, we are stopped if any value exceeds 99 (for instance when the Unit of Measure is in minutes or something else).

What is wrong with my conditions? (picture enclosed).
hougaard Staff replied 6 months ago

This look fine, please send your .app file (as a private attachment) here, so I can check it.

1 Answers
chp answered 5 months ago

It seems like it's not quite consistent.

I have a BOM with absolutely no values above 99. When I go into the BOM and press CalcStandardCost I get my error message 'Value exceeds 99 KG' (somewhat unexpected).

If I scroll down to line 4 out of 20+ BOM lines (goes for in ‘Read mode’ as well as ‘Edit List mode’), I can press the CalcStandardCost with no error message.

The next time I enter the same BOM, a 'Value exceeds 99 KG' message comes up again.

Best regards