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Paul Fry asked 2 months ago
Hi Erik, I need to create a new Sales Quote report layout, and on this report I need to add fields from new tables I created with SoD. I can find the fields in "Add existing fields to pages and reports," but if I attempt to place the field on a report by clicking "Not placed," there are no reports available.  I assume this is because there is no related dataset associating the field to the report, and so a new dataset would need to be created. Is it possible to do this with SoD? Thank you
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hougaard Staff answered 2 months ago
You cannot add new dataitems (tables) to an existing report, only add more fields to the dataitems the report already have. One trick, is to add FlowFields (subtype Lookup) to the tables that are on the report, and then add those flowfields to the report.
Paul Fry replied 2 months ago

OK, thanks for the quick answer and tips! I can see where a FlowField will be useful, but in this case the number of lines I need to replicate can vary from 1 to 70 (it is an extended item description), so in this particular case it is probably too messy to add that many new fields. I will have the devs build the dataset + report template and then I’ll use SoD to modify the report as required. Thanks again