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it asked 3 weeks ago
Good afternoon - I am writing a Power App that will enter the proper fields into the Item Reclassification Journal (Page 393) and I want to Post this entry right from the Power App.  Is the proper Business Logic API available to do this (Maybe Item Jnl.-Post Line)? Is there any documentation available to show how to do this?  Thanks.
it replied 3 weeks ago

Wondering if anyone has an example Power Automate Flow that would show how to do this, what the body of the POST should be. Thanks.

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hougaard Staff answered 3 weeks ago
Yes, that will be the Item Jrnl Post Line business logic. To use it, do this:
  1. Create a record in the entity (Item Jrnl Post Line OnRun)
  2. Call the bound function on the record created in step 1
  3. Look at the record from step 1 to see the result of the function call.
it replied 2 weeks ago

Erik – Thanks for the reply. Still having issues. Does anyone know of or have an example of a power automate flow doing something similar. Thanks.