SupportCategory: Simple Object Designerpublished api page crashes the Available Virtual tables page
Samy Nedelchev asked 8 months ago
Hi Erik, I am testing in a sandbox publishing a custom table I have as an API page. So far so good. When opening the page for Available Virtual tables (from Dataverse Connection Setup) I get the following error: If requesting support, please provide the following details to help troubleshooting: An error occurred when communicating with Dataverse. Detailed description: The URL for Business Central is incorrect or not accessible. Internal session ID:
88d1f33b-2c15-47fb-8c95-f851b326a420 Application Insights session ID:
97a50d89-d7e3-4fb7-84a9-f6776c3d6403 Client activity id:
0ee5402b-d2e9-4f88-a927-69bf16a7f2c0 Time stamp on error:
2023-11-08T06:56:17.6472561Z User telemetry id:
5880a080-4597-42b7-9d61-dd22f0b90eb6 AL call stack:
\"CDS Integration Impl.\"(CodeUnit 7201).LoadAvailableVirtualTables - Base Application by Microsoft
\"CDS Available Virtual Tables\"(Page 5372).OnOpenPage(Trigger) line 5 - Base Application by Microsoft   Any ideas? Best regards, Samy
1 Answers
hougaard Staff answered 8 months ago
That URL looks wrong, "vehicle" should not appear between api and hougaard. Did you enter the URL, or was is populated from the connector?