SupportCategory: Simple Object DesignerSeeing new fields in Jet Reports
Jason Taylor asked 4 months ago
Downloaded trial and I am trying to publish a new custom field to Table "Vendor".  Struggling to see the new field available in the table within Jet Reports.  Jet Reports pings the OData web service from BC.  Was able to publish the new field to Vendor Card in BC and populate with data.  Watched video on 'Expose data as web service APIs" and can't figure it out.  I followed the video and tried publishing and can't see it in Jet Reports as an option within the table.  I just need to send my new custom field to a predefined BC table to access it in Jet Reports.  Not sure what I am missing.  Other extensions I've trialed do this automatically, however, yours allows for so many more options that I'd like to see if this issue is resolvable.  Thank you
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hougaard Staff answered 4 months ago
I'm not that familiar with Jet, but I don't think that Jet consumes APIs, maybe there's somewhere in the Jet admin where you need to have it refresh the fields available?