SupportCategory: Simple Object Designersimple object designer new field in sales order to show on warehouse pick screen
mark-4941 asked 1 week ago

I have recently downloaded the above extension and can’t get the following action to work – can you please let me know if this is possible and how to do it before we look to purchase the product (we are doing this in our test environment )– thanks
I’m trying to create a text field on the “Sales Order Header Page” (see attached image 1) for order related picking instructions – I need this then to transfer to the “Warehouse Pick Screen /warehouse activity header” and bring in the text within that field

The app seems to create the field ok but does not bring the text from within the field with it (see image 2)

We have created this following your video instructions and it seems to work if we use a standard field that’s already in Business Central but not if we use a newly created field
We also tried to create the field by selecting the flow field type but again this brought in the field but not the data in the field this was just greyed out
I have attached some screenshots of the simple Object Designer showing what we did when creating the new field
If this new field can be created we want to then add this to the printed picking document which I presume can be done using your extension ?
Any help would be much appreciated – thanks