SupportCategory: Simple Object DesignerTransfer a new field from Service Header to Service Invoice
Duncan Hutchinson asked 1 week ago
Hi, I have created a field on the service header table 5900 which disappears after the service order is invoiced as the service order gets deleted. Is there a way I can either transfer this to the Service Invoice so it is available after or another way of keeping it?  I suppose one option would be creating a new feature which could work here, but it seems overkill for just trying to save a single field if i don't have to do this. Thanks in advance
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hougaard Staff answered 1 week ago
I have added fields transfer support to Service Heaer (to invoice, shipment and cr.memo) in the next version of SOD, coming late this week.
Duncan Hutchinson replied 5 days ago

Thanks Erik, great response as usual. Much appreciated.