SupportCategory: Simple Object DesignerUpdate report not working after version 20
Duncan Hutchinson asked 1 month ago
Hello - I have added the "requested date" to my order confirmation report and tried to do the "update layout" but BC gives me the following error :-   "cannot update report layouts after version 20"   - how do I do the update now? When I "send to excel (data only)" the new field is visible, but when I open the word document it is not in the XML mapping page. Suspect this is a change in BC and I should do something else but I can't find any instructions.  Thank you in advance for your help. Kind regards, Duncan
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hougaard Staff answered 1 month ago
I have never seen or heard about that error before. Is this from click "Update Layout" from the "Custom Report Layouts" page? Does it happen on all reports? If so, I think you need to talk with your partner and perhaps file a support request with Microsoft.
Duncan Hutchinson replied 1 month ago

Hi Eric, yes it is from there and does happen on all reports. I have raised a question with my partner and will also file a support request. It apologise the actual error is :- “UPGRADE IS NOT SUPPORTED AFTER VERSION 20”

We have recently been updated to version 23.3 which could be where the issue has come from. If there is anything which you may be interested in when I get the answer I will post on here.

Thanks for the quick reply. Duncan

Duncan Hutchinson replied 1 month ago

Hi Again Erik (apologies for the Eric type in the last message!).

I was told by my partner that this is something which is being phased out, which looks right based on this:- Update Custom Report Layouts – Business Central | Microsoft Learn

However I found a solution that has worked – however it might not be the right way of doing it. Basically I edited the .xml file within the .docx document and added a line with the added field then re-imported that to BC. Instructions were here:- Add Fields in XML Mapping of Existing Word Template Used In Dynamics 365 CRM

Not sure if anyone else will have the same issue – if they do this will hopefully help.

If this is absolutely the wrong thing to be doing please let me know!

Thanks again, Duncan