Get support tasks done faster and more efficiently


A new way to write AL code directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and get it executed right away
The ToolBox works both with BC in the Cloud and on-premises (v19+)

Regain control over Business Central with the best admin application

Erik’s ToolBox allows you to access the database with powerful tools. You can search and replace, edit any table, copy between environments and write and run ad-hoc code.

Write ad-hoc without Visual Studio Code

With built-in support for AL code, you can just write what you want to happen, without having to build single-use extensions. Just write your code and click Run.

Batch Operations

The ToolBox has a powerful search and replace engine that allows you to modify 1000s of records in seconds, in any table. And it will even keep an audit log of everything so you can undo if needed.

Copy data between environments

No more config packages, with the ToolBox you can define a Remote Package and pull data from one environment to another. Fast a repeatable. Entire companies can be pull, including posted data.

Ready to try it?

The trial version of the ToolBox is for testing and will allow you to try out live AL programming, but it is limited to read-only operations in the database.

Done testing?

When you are sure the ToolBox is the right choice for your business, you can buy a yearly license and enjoy the full feature set. 

Choose the right ToolBox License for your business


For single tenants

Covers both production and sandbox environment(s) for one tenant. 

USD 299/year

Partner Basic

Up to 5 users

For Business Central Partners with up to 5 employees supporting clients 

USD 899/year

Partner Pro

Up to 15 users

For Business Central Partners with up to 15 employees supporting clients 

USD 1699/year

Partner Unlimited

Unlimited users

For Business Central Partners with more than 15 employees supporting clients 

USD 2499/year

Key features to be more productive

Can be used for typical support cases

Are you missing a field anywhere in Business Central?

Just select the table, fill in the name of the new field, select a type and you’re done.

After you have created a new field, select where you want your users to see and use the field.

  • Access fields and data in tables that are not available through the standard user interface
  • Batch modifications of multiple records
  • Perform the same operation in multiple companies
  • Adjust defective data

Programs can be loaded, executed and saved for fast retrieval later.

Excel Integration like nothing else

You can load up an Excel sheet to access it from AL code and read and write cells directly with minimal overhead. 

If the customer gives you an Excel sheet with a list of documents that need “adjustments”, you can access the sheet directly and loop through the data.

Batch Processing

The Batch Processing feature lets you quickly change a single field in multiple records without writing any code.

The Batch Processing wizard works on any table and most fields. You can follow the process to ensure you make the right changes to the rights records.

Every time a batch process is completed, an audit trail is created, and you can undo a batch if needed.

Advanced Batch Processing enables you to write and use code inside the batch execution. 

Remote Records and Packages

You can pull data from environments and tenants with Remote Records and Remote Packages.

You can either write AL code, define a Record variable to “live” in another environment, and perform normal operations in code on that record.

Or you can define a package of tables that can be pulled in as a single operation. With this, it’s a breeze to copy an entire company from one environment to another.

A remote package can also keep a production environment updated with setup tables from a sandbox where the setup is getting tested.

Partner Focused Functionality

The ToolBox has a synchronization functionality to support a multi-customer partner set up quickly.

Share programs across multiple customers, sharing through an Azure Storage Account.

Different access levels can be assigned to ToolBox users:

  • Readonly – No changes allowed
  • Write access to normal tables – Not allowed to touch restricted tables
  • GodMode – Access to everything

Audit Trail for all activity

All operations performed with the ToolBox are recorded in an Audit Trail.

The source code is attached to each Audit Trail entry.

In addition, all operations on restricted tables through GodMode are also recorded in the Audit Trail.

Cloud and On-Premises Support

The ToolBox is available in AppSource for all cloud tenants and supports on-premises for versions 19 and up.

A partner license allows you to use the ToolBox for both cloud and on-premises customers.

Supported Editions

This app supports the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud and v19+ on-premises.

Supported Countries

This app supports all countries where Business Central is available

Supported Languages

The app is available in Czech (Czech Republic), Danish (Denmark), German (all areas), Spanish (Spain and Mexico), Italian, Icelandic, Dutch (Belgium), Finnish (Finland), French (all areas), Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Russian, Swedish and English (all areas)