Certify for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

User guide

Certify for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an integration app that will allow users to post expense reports from Certify directly in Business Central. No reason for manual operations, simply let the app create posting-ready general journals directly from Certify expense reports. Reimbursable expenses are posted to the employee module so the standard suggests employee payments functionality can be utilized.


First, the App must be registered and connected to your Certify account.

Select About Certify from the Search Bar:

Now open Certify Setup

The Base URL is automatically filled out and you should never need to change that. The API Secret and API Key field comes from your Certify Setup. Go to Certify API Credentials and generate an API secret. (codes shown here are fake)

Next, you’ll need to select a general journal to use and specify balance accounts for expenses and reimbursements. To handle sales tax correctly, you must also select a Tax Area Code.

Employee Setup in Certify

Make sure that the Employee ID field in Certify is filled out with the Employee Code from Business Central

And make sure the Employee in Business Central has an Employee Posting Group attached.

Expense Categories

Your expense categories must be mapped to G/L accounts before users start submitting expense reports. Start by creating the Expense Categories in Certify and then open the expense categories from Business Central (from the Certify Setup page) to map G/L accounts to each category.

Credit Cards

If you’re using the Credit Card module of Certify, you must also create the credit cards inside Business Central. Select Credit Cards from the Certify Setup page and add the cards.

Make sure, that the Card Name and Last Digits match the card stored in Certify.

Expense Reports

When the setup is completed, you can start processing expense reports directly from Certify. Select Certify Expense Reports from the search bar.

Under Actions, select Get Expense Reports to update the list from Certify.

From an expense return, you can go to Navigate / Show Lines to view the expenses on the selected report:

When ready, use Actions / Generate Journal to create General Journal lines in the journal selected in the Certify Setup.

From this point, it’s just a regular general journal. You can proceed with posting, approvals, or any other operation that can be done on a normal journal.