Action Caption Capitalisation Changes

For the last 20+ years, we have been used to action captions in Dynamics NAV looking like this:

Sometimes called “Title Case” – Every word with a capital letter, even when the action is clearly a sentence like Update Exchange Rates.

But in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central 2020 Wave 1, something changed. Captions on new pages now look like this:

Set as my default printer is now capitalized as a sentence.

I spoke with the good Microsoft people in Lyngby bunkered in their homes around Lyngby, about the change. And got an answer from Eva Dupont that Microsoft is aligning Business Central with the rest Microsoft, so changing from Title Case to Sentence case. Not to break all their translations, this will be a transformation process over several releases.

If you are a developer doing ISV solutions, or just PTE (Per-Tenant-Extension) for customers, you should start doing the same thing in your solutions. Looking at the staggering amount of CodeCops, UiCops and AppSourceCops rules we have been given, I suspect that we’ll also get a new rule for this soon. (hint, hint)