Business Central Command Line

Introducing the Business Central Command Line Tool.

BCCL is a command-line tool for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that enables powerful export and import of any table in json, xml or csv. Processing data from outside and automating data conversions and deployments. BCCL can upload and download gigabytes of data without issues.

BCCL can connect to all instances of Business Central, both cloud and on-premises instances. Data can be transferred between all versions and instances of BC that are supported by BCCL.

BCCL runs on Windows, macOS and Linux. BCCL consist of two components, an App installed into Business Central and a client. The client is just a single executable file, that requires no installation. Install the app in BC and run the client, that’s it!


Purchase a License for BCCL

There are three different licenses for BCCL.

Educational A free and limited license for testing and educational purpose. This license is not for use with production data.
Commercial License for use on all environments within a single Business Central Tenant (either cloud or on-premises)
Enterprise/Partner License for an entire Business Central partner, to be used be all employee on all customers (but not installed

BCCL Tasks

tasks Get a list of all the task types BCCL currently knows
tables Search for tables
putdata Upload/Insert data into a Business Central table
getdata Download/Get data from a Business Central table
mapping Get a mapping file for a table (template)
deletedata Upload a file with records that will be deleted.
massupdate Update multiple records
runcodeunit Run a codeunit
postsales Post sales documents
postpurchase Post purchase documents

Download a Cheat Sheet with examples of commands