This year I went to the Microsoft //BUILD/ Conference in San Francisco. And once again I signed up for the Hackathon. A hackathon is a programming competition that typically runs during an event and it themed towards the conference, in this case Microsoft and Windows.

I teamed up with Nia and Joey and convinced they, that we should do a 3D printing App since there where 3D printers all over the place. But when we asked about the printers, all the Microsoft people got a distance look in their eyes and would not answer any questions. The reason was that we asked before Ballmer announced the 3D printing support windows 8.1.

After the announcement we got a lot of answers, and ended up creating a nice little App that let people customize models and then print them.

And to crown it all, we ended up winning the Windows Store App part of the hackathon.

Watch this video for all the details (We are the third act) Channel9 – Hackathon Vinners 2013


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