While I was reading the license guide for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, regarding team members, I noticed this new section:

Business Central Capacity Add-ons
Capacity add-ons are available for purchase with paid licenses. Unpaid licenses (e.g., demo/dev or Internal Use Rights (IUR)) don’t qualify as a valid base offer.

Additional Database Capacity
The Business Central Database Capacity add-on provides flexibility to increase the SQL database storage capacity associated with your Essentials and Premium subscriptions in increments of 1GB per Additional addon license. This Additional storage Add-on can be used to increase database storage across the production
and/or non-production instances.

It’s now possible to buy more storage than the default 80 GB. Lots of on-premises customers that have been using NAV for many years have way more than 80 GB in their database, and cloud migration was not an option. It is now, awesome!

I jumped into our CSP portal to try to lookup the price, but cannot find any SKUs for this yet. But I hope it will come soon.

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