C/AL Open Library Works – I have proof

When Microsoft announced that DotNET support was being discontinued in the modern development environment, many of us had issues with it. I still believe that it was a too drastic approach, but that’s not a focus of this blog post.

A bit later, Microsoft announced the “CAL-OPEN-LIBRARY” – A GitHub repository for wrapping dotnet classes in codeunits.

It can be found here https://github.com/Microsoft/cal-open-library The basic idea, is that you can write a codeunit that wraps a DotNet class and submit that to Microsoft for consideration for future products, so I did 🙂

One of the DotNet classes I use all the time, is the MemoryStream, a stream you can both write to and read from, and that holds the data in memory (hence the name).

I wrote a codeunit with the functions I needed, with tests and submitted that as a pull request.

And when NAV2018 came out, codeunit 704 has appeared:

There is my wrapper, all ready to go.

Lots of other people, incl. several MVPs, have also added contributions to the cal-open-library, go check it out. And the next time you’re missing something, contribute, it works 🙂