Here are the slides from my NAVUG talk on doing documentation for Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions.

COM08 An elegant solution for creating Dynamics NAV user documentation

The open sourced code can be found at:

A precompiled package of the tools can be downloaded from here:


I suggestion reading through the old posts on this to understand whats going on at

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  1. Great Tool.
    However got some problems when generating the html files.
    The output is not like expected.
    Is there some more documentation on this?

    1. Not more documentation than what you find here? What do you get in the html files, what is not expected ? You can catch me on twitter @ehougaard if you want to show me the output ?

  2. Hi Erik,
    This seems to be just the Tool I’ve been looking for for a very long time. I have it mostly running fine – only one challenge left (for now).
    When I generate the .htm files and push the to the server, Danish characters are shown incorrectly. If I open the .htm file in NotePad and save it again without changing anything, the Danish characters are shown correctly. Do you have any idea what goes wrong in the generation of the html-files.
    But thanks for taking the time to post a great tool!

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