DotNet with Extensions V2

Finally Extensions V2 supports DotNet (At least in the Developer Preview.

But as soon as you fire this up, perhaps with the help of TXT2AL, you’re met with assemblies not resolved. Both assemblies from standard DotNet (from the global assembly cache) and standard NAV DLLs.

There is a setting in Visual Studio Code (In User Settings Ctrl+Comma) called al.assemblyProbingPaths that specifies where Code will search for DotNet assemblies (Also called DLL files). Add the Global Assembly Cache and the add-ins folder from a NAV installation to resolve all the references:
"al.assemblyProbingPaths": [
    "C:/Program Files/Microsoft Dynamics NAV/110/Service/Add-ins"


Restart Visual Studio Code and everthing should work 🙂