At some point, a couple of years back, getting a full blown Microsoft Dynamics NAV installation up and running was not a minor task. Multiple components should be installed, lots of setup to do. It could easily take an experienced person hours, if not days to get a complete installation up and running.

Thankfully, this has changed, and deploying Dynamics NAV in Microsoft Azure has never been easier than it is today.

Step 1

Go to and login to the Azure Portal

Step 2

Fill out this form. Mouse over the small (i) markers to get help.


Some of the settings can be left blank if you don’t have a Bing Maps key. But please make sure that you select the correct country – W1 is the worldwide version of NAV, the version without any country specific functionality or language layers. If you want functionality specific to your country, you must select it.

Step 3

Ohhh, wait, you’re done, take a coffee break, let Azure deploy your server and then log into your new NAV instance when it’s ready!

Use this link to get a free Azure trial

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