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Improvements in the NAV2015 Development Environment – Part 1

Microsoft has made changes in the development environment for NAV2015, but they are small and easy to overlook. But nice additions to a development client that has existed for more than 19 years. (FINSQL.EXE)

So here goes, sit back and enjoy the couple of minutes 🙂


Properties that you have changed will now be shown in black, a small improvement compared to the “Value without <>” way it was shown before.


It is now possible to comment or un-comment a selection of lines of code. A natural extension of the indent functionality.

Another fun little feature, is that if you create a RECORD variable (local or global) and don’t specify the name, NAV will now create a nice camel cased name.


Select Record and type the table name or number, and then press enter or arrow name.


Then NAV creates “SalesLine” as the variable name, nice 🙂



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