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Microsoft Dynamics 2015 – Tablet Client Quick Peek

One of the major new features in Dynamics NAV2015 is the tablet client. The tablet client runs on Windows 8, iPad and Android.

nav2015After logging on, the tablet client starts with the role center. Arranged a bit different than the RTC uses. On the left, we have the newly improved Cue tiles. They have the emotions bar at the top, that can be defined by the user to explain the value (color = bad etc.)



Pressing the “…” (three dots) opens the menu notice the descriptive subtitles – also a new thing in NAV.



Accessing a menu item opens that page with a nice animation.


The sales invoice displays another new feature in NAV2015 – the simplified pages. Microsoft has created a set of pages with only the most used/necessary fields.


List pages look the way we would think, but with a few new tricks. The search field search across multiple columns for the cost of not having filters.


nav2015-5Drill down still works..



nav2015-6Pressing the lookup “…” (What all old Navision people calls the F6 function) opens a fullscreen list with a “OK” and “Cancel” bar at the top.


nav2015-7The “burger menu” opens the navigation menu.

nav2015-8The graph can be adjusted right on the tablet to change the information.

In a nav2015-9In a lookup page the menu is accessible from the “…” at the top bar.

nav2015-10Another example of the menu system.

nav2015-12The really nice descriptive menu item.

Sneak peek conclusion

The NAV2015 tablet client looks and feels very good, quick and snappy. One of the other improvements in the NAV2015 release is a speedup of the Web Client, the tablet client and web client shares technology (the tablet client is actually written in Javascript).

The biggest drawback right now, seems to be the missing search field in the upper right corner, and the departments button in the lower left. That means, that the tablet client is locked down to the specific functionality that has been designated the specific role center.

I think that the tablet client will be a popular choice for many users, and this may put pressure on all the 3rd party client platforms.