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My Docker container become unresponsive?

One thing the keep happening for me, are Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Docker containers that become unresponsive, properly due to the fact that I use my laptop on several different wifis, changing my primary network all the time and thereby messing up the network routing within Docker. And when a container has lost contact, it’s lost forever.

Trying to use docker stop does not work either, and trying to restart Docker Desktop give same result.

My solution so far:

  1. Stop Docker Desktop
  2. Stop the Docker Engine Service
  3. Edit the config.v2.json file in \Programdata\Docker\Containers\[Container Folder] – Change Running to False (Use a editor in with administrator rights)
Change Running to False

4. Restart Docker Desktop (It will ask to restart the service)

Give it a couple of minutes to start, now the container works again:

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