This is a great blog post to write. A long time ago I bitched about the artificial limit we still had, inherited from the old native database. Read it here for a quick refresher

Luckily for all of us, Kennie from Microsoft actually reads my blog and with the April’19 release of Business Central two of these limits are now removed:

The 8000 byte record size is now gone

The 250 characters limit on Code and Text field are increased to 2048

Another thing that not really noted anywhere, is that the max size of the primary key is now 900 characters (the SQL Server limit), my screenshot above has a Code field of 400 characters taking 800 bytes (because Unicode).

The is very cool and Microsoft is also updating the application to take advantage of this, here’s the Record Link table, notice the URL fields. The first is increased to 2048. The remaining fields are preserved to make the database upgrade non-destructive, and to preserve existing 3rd party software functionality.

This is great stuff and I cannot wait having our software taking advantage of this.

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