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Offline documentation for NAV and Business Central

Microsoft is rapidly aggregating all their documentation on docs.microsoft.com. This also includes documentation for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and all the 365 variants, including Business Central.

One of the many cool functions of docs, yeah, that’s the lingo, is the ability to download sections as PDF for offline usage. In some cases a PDF is just easier, I’m sitting in an airport lounge right now and I know that I’ll need the documentation on the plane.

So I simply click the “Download PDF” in the lower left corner, and gets a PDF with everything from the current page and below.

To make it even easier, here are the direct links for:

Business Central, Developer and IT Pro Documentation

Business Central, User Guide

Dynamics NAV, Developer and IT Pro Documentation

Happy Reading 🙂

Please remember, that docs.microsoft.com is constantly evolving and expanding, so I suggest using the online version when you have the change, or if you enjoy PDFs, remember to download an updated version regularly.


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