My son needed an “action camera” for a BuWizz Lego build, and within the Christmas pile, he had a small Amazon gift card. So we found something that looked a lot like the camera used in the app and he used 50 Canadians dollars on it.

It’s a typical Chinese GoPro clone, with an impressive amount of accessories for the price:

The camera works fine, but the app required an RTSP (Real-Time Streaming Protocol) URL and that was no to be found anywhere. So I spend a bit of time hacking the Android app and extracting the URLs.

The camera have a hardcoded SSID called “Live DV” with 12345678 as the password. When connecting to the network, you’ll get an IP-address in the 192.72.1.* range (strange).

The camera will respond to the following URLs: (XML with all settings currently in the camera)

(RTSP URL that the BuWizz Lego Controller App needs)


rtsp:// (same as av4)
rtsp:// (MJPG 320×184)

rtsp:// (same as av4)
rtsp:// (same as v2)
rtsp:// (same as v2)

Looking at the values from cammenu.xml – the cgi-bin/Config.cgi can be used to change settings:*

A couple of URLs to access photos and video on the camera (is my guess)

Anyway, this is mostly information for me, but if other people try to search for information on that, here it is 🙂

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