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So i tried a HoloLens today


Today i participated in the HoloLens Academy and it was an awesome experience.

The actual devices was guarded in a no-personal-electronics-zone so the picture above was the closest my camera came to a HoloLens.

The academy was a walk through with Unity and Visual Studio to create our own HoloLens App.

The first hologram we got to play with was a test app. A remote controlled car that we could get to drive around – Mind Blown ! This actually works !!

But this was a developer session, and we wanted our own holograms. So introducing Unity (beta):

We started by creating a simple scene in Unity, adding a few object. Then we replaced the standard camera with a HoloLens camera and pressed build. After that we needed to open the outputted solution with Visual Studio 2015 and pressed run…

And we got our own holograms, mind blown again 🙂

Then followed a series of making this demo app more and more complex. Adding voice commands, adding object interaction, adding surround sound..

The final state of our app included a hole in the floor where we could look into a “underworld” with bird, clouds and a landscape..

Mind blown again !

Final comments:

If you are using glasses, you need to remove the nose piece, otherwise the “screen” will not be placed correctly.

The field of view is much smaller than the keynote presentation showed us. This does not take anything away from HoloLens, and you forget it after a short while.

This is a awesome piece of hardware, and I can’t wait to try this again, thanks to Dave for being a great mentor during the academy.

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