The ToC.XML is a simple recursive structure with entries like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Node Name="DynamicsHelp" DisplayName="Help" Page="conGettingStarted.htm">
    <Node Name="TechRef" DisplayName="Technical Reference" Page="conTechnicalReference.htm">
      <Node Name="CSIDERef" DisplayName="C/SIDE Reference Guide" Page="conCSIDEReferenceGuide.htm" />
      <Node Name="DevEnvCmds" DisplayName="Development Environment Commands" Page="conDevelopmentEnvironmentCommands.htm" />
      <Node Name="CSIDEwindows" DisplayName="Windows Overview" Page="conWindowOverviews.htm" />
    <Node Name="Upgrade" DisplayName="Upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015" Page="oriUpgradingToNAVCrete.htm">
      <Node Name="MigratingToMultitenancy" DisplayName="Migrating to Multitenancy" Page="conMigratingTenantDatabases.htm" />

Just a name, a title and a page, and that looks very similar to the structure we already have in place from the manual. So we do here, is run through our own Structure.XML, and inserts matching entries into the ToC.

This is the main piece of code that will generate the html files, and update the ToC at the same time:

public bool GenerateAllContentAsHtml()
            XDocument TOC = XDocument.Load(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["input-toc"]);

            XElement root = (from xml2 in TOC.Descendants("Node")
                             where xml2.Attribute("Name").Value == ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["projectname"]
                             select xml2).FirstOrDefault();
            if (root == null)
                root = GetNode(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["projectname"], Data.manual.Title, ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["projectname"] + ".htm");
            root.Nodes().Remove(); // If we already have our stuff in this TOC remove it first

            StringBuilder ChapterList = new StringBuilder();
            foreach (var chapter in Data.manual.Chapters)
                string str = "<a href=\"" + ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["projectname"] + "_" + chapter.No + ".htm\" xmlns=\"\">";
                str += chapter.Title + "</a><br>";

            Article preface = Data.Articles.Find(m => m.ID == Data.manual.Preface.ID);
            if (preface == null)
                preface = new Article()
                    ID = Data.manual.Preface.ID,
                    Text = "TODO: Article " + Data.manual.Preface.ID,
                    Title = "TODO: Article Caption " + Data.manual.Preface.ID
            StringBuilder topic = new StringBuilder(File.ReadAllText(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["helppage-html"]));
            topic.Replace("$1$", preface.Title);
            topic.Replace("$1$", preface.Title);
            topic.Replace("$2$", ConvertMarkdown(preface.Text, "html") + ChapterList);
                ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["output-path-helpserver"] + @"\" +
                ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["projectname"] + ".htm", topic.ToString());

            return false;

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