One of the big missing items in Extensions V2 are MenuSuites. The ability to put something, both in Departments and in the Search box.

Today the December Update for the modern development enviroment came out, and there’s a new property on pages and reports called  UsageCategory. Add a UsageCategory to an object and that will show up in search.

Interesting, I wondered if that would work in NAV2018 also, so I tried 🙂

The compiler accepted it without problems, and look and behold, even in the Role Tailored Client it shoed up when searching:

Excellent 🙂

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    1. As you can see on my screenshots, it worked for me with the Windows Client on NAV2018. My guess it that your test was flawed somehow, how did you specify the UsageCategory ?

      1. I tested again on NAV 2018.
        If I build a small app with some objects., It work well.
        But, I build a large app (about 250 Object, include: Page, PageExt, Table, TableExt, Report, Codeunit, Query), It doesn’t work.
        I will try to separate my app to test again.

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