In this video, I’ll show a way to dynamically add HTML content to a Business Central page.

This can be used to personalize your apps or to integrate controls and visualizations that are not possible with normal AL alone.

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  1. Hey Erik,

    This is really interesting. I am a BC technical consultant from India. I have lil experience in java . Net, html css, js … But I never tried this… actually never got such requirement :p

    I have gone through ur other videos and the way explain things is really awesome. There was a time when I couldn’t find content related to Nav/BC but now you gyz are making it easyyy…

    Thanks for such awesome contents.

  2. Btw.. I notice u r using Docker container.. I am using on Prem BC for local development and once it is done then publishing on cloud.
    I am missing some features so I’ll try to use docker .. if i’ll get any error i’ll inform you.. hope u’ll help me out.

      1. Wow.. thanks for quick response.
        What will you suggest? A docker or on prem installation of BC ?
        As MS is updating BC frequently and they are adding new data types , modifying standard objects so is that okay to use docker … How will I get updated version after installing once?
        Lot of confusion

          1. Yes cloud is okay. But sometimes we need to copy standard report/objects to customize that’s why I want to access c/al object files as well. (This is the only dependency).

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