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Video Series: Web Services in AL

In this series I’m building a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central extension that talks with the US Postal Service for doing address verification.

Episode 1, create the web service call:

Stay tuned for the next episodes where I continue building this extension.

When the extension is done, the source will be available on github.com

6 thoughts on “Video Series: Web Services in AL

  1. Hi Erik,
    I have an Api, i’m trying to get records from this api into business central. In this api provider is using pagination, which is causing problem I’m unable to get records in one request(Max limit is 500 records per call). I had searched in many blogs or example but no result. See the result from postman. and please guide me how can i create a function to get all these results by one request.

    “count”: 2481,
    “next”: “https://www.xxxxxx.com/api/v2/orders-received/?limit=500&offset=0”,
    “previous”: null,
    “results”: [
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Well, you gotta loop over the webservice until next is null. You cannot do that in one call if the service insist on pagination. Then use a jsonarray to hold all the pieces of the result.

  2. Thanks Erik for quick reply.
    Can you please give a small example to achieve this. I had tried but failed to call the save result function in loop.

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