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Wishlist for “NAV2017” / Code name Madeira

Now that NAV2016 has hit the road and is looking great, we can start dreaming about NAV2017, NAV2018 or just code name Madeira until it gets a proper name. I’ve try to keep this blog post updated with my ideas, other people ideas and link to relevant information. So far this is focused on NAV as a development platform, but application suggestions are very welcome!

So here goes:


My number 1 wish is “BLOB Ref” – We got FieldRefs, but they do not support Blob fields. Throughout the standard application Microsoft uses “TempBlob” and other not optimal constructions to overcome the fact that you cannot address a blobfield as a reference. This also prevents RapidStart to handle values in Blob fields. I wrote about this 2 years ago.

Dynamic temporary variables

Marking a variable of type RECORD temporary is currently a static compile time property. I would love to be able to mark record temporary or not directly from code. In that way, creating simulations would be much easier, even the new “preview” functions in standard NAV could properly be implemented smarter.

Better FOREACH statement

The FOREACH statement should work on RECORD variables also, it could work with a slight change in syntax:

FOREACH customer in FINDSET(false,false) DO BEGIN

That would be the same as:

IF customer.FINDSET(false,false) THEN
UNTIL customer.NEXT = 0;

or perhaps just:

FOREACH Customer.FINDSET(false,false) DO BEGIN

Incoming from Guido Robben

  • A more user friendly report designer
  • F2 key press to work the same way in the Role Tailored Client as it did in the Classic Client.

More to come …

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